Snorkeling El Cielo

Snorkeling Cozumel Natural Swimming Pool

El Cielo is the open natural swimming pool of Cozumel; it sits beside the laguna of Punta Sur National park, the sandy shallow bottom of the bay means the water is crystal clear with awe-inspiring shades of blue.

This is a special afternoon trip running from 4 up to 8 people group. We will bring you to snorkel 3 of our amazing shallow reefs including a break in between in El Cielo looking for starfish with the occasional ray swimming by.

We will take it easy and relax in the calm waters of El Cielo for a while, having some drinks and snacks, we offer each person a cocktail or 2 beers, fresh fruits and ice cold water to keep you refreshed.

We include all snorkel gear, a towel, reef safe sunscreen, and an entrance bracelet for the Cozumel National Marine Park. We will meet at Marina Fonatur at 2/2:30 pm and return at around 6:30 / 7 pm catching one of Cozumel’s beautiful sunsets.

Where is Marina Fonatur?

If you are already in Puerta Maya and feel like walking, then you are about 15 minutes away to the Marina Fonatur going south.

Walking is very doable and safe but it is hot and humid. Even in the Winter.

If you are in downtown, or on a ship docking at Punta Langosta, then getting to the Marina Fonatur by taxi will be the best option, unless you have a car or scooter.

The Marina Fonatur is 6km south from Cozumel downtown/ferry pier.

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