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For a truly personal experience, we like to keep our groups small with a maximum of 4 divers per group you can be guaranteed our full attention and safe diving.

High Standards
safe practice
With our years of experience and tireless dedication to high standards and safe practice, we will make sure that you don’t have to worry about a thing while you are diving with us.
Great Experience
exciting expeditions
You can be assured of the same great experience with our off-island trips, from diving with Bull Sharks in Playa Del Carmen to diving Cenotes on Tulum we cover a number of exciting expeditions.
Full Brief
no underwater surprises
With many dive site to explore we always make sure to match the site to our diver’s experience and comfort levels, giving a full brief of what to expect when we arrive on the site and anything else you should be aware of so there are no underwater surprises.
Cozumel Diver
We take care of everything for you..
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    Quick Paperwork Arrangements..
    ..and Equipment Sizing

    After some quick paperwork arrangements and equipment sizing, you just need to come diving; we can arrange a pick up from your resort pier or meet you at Marina Fonatur.

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    Relax.. Smile 🙂
    We take care of everything..

    From your equipment to snack and refreshments onboard everything will be ready for your arrival on the boat.

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    Gear up!
    Come make some bubbles!

    Weights, Tanks, Marine Park Pass & Refreshments are Included in Every Diving Package.

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    Check our Packages
    Courses, Trips & More

    Get your first dive certification or build on your dive knowledge with our selection of PADI courses.


Discover SCUBA Diving

Always wanted to try diving but not yet quite ready to take the plunge into a certification..

Discover SCUBA Diving is perfect to learn the basic principles of diving and essential skills before our experienced instructor takes you for 2 dives on the beautiful reefs of Cozumel.

You can decide to dive from the boat or the shore and experience what it feels like to breathe underwater and hopefully see some incredible marine life at the same time.

Discover Shore Dive
Discover Shore Dive
Discover the reefs of Cozumel with one of our great shore dives.
Includes Gear, Instructor, Tanks, Marine Park Pass & Refreshments
Discover Boat Dive
Discover Boat Dive
2 dives from the boat on some of Cozumel's most spectacular reefs.
Includes Gear, Instructor, Tanks, Marine Park Pass & Refreshments


Dive Training

The Reefs
Of Cozumel

Highlighted by the father of Scuba diving Jacques Cousteau in the 1950s and the inspiration for Cordona's film “Un Mundo Nuevo”, it's clear to see Cozumel has been a dream for many divers over the years.

The island has over 20 different dive sites all as magnificent as the next. From Punta Sur in the very south with the more advanced devil’s throat, the unique and awe-inspiring coral formations of Palancar to Paso Cedral teeming with life; every reef has its own characteristics ensuring a different experience at every site.

At Blue Mystic Divers we make safety and fun our top priorities and we’ll always make sure you are diving at a suitable site for your experience and comfort level.

Dive Trips

2 Tanks Trips Both in the Morning and Afternoon for All Experience Levels..

All our guides and instructors are PADI Certified with a wealth of experience on Cozumel reefs so they’re able to perfectly match the days diving to any experience level and day’s conditions.

Our boats are all well maintained and hold valid Marine Park licenses, between dives we offer fresh water and refreshments to refuel for the next adventure.

Equipment & Extras

BCD – $5

Regulator – $5

​Wetsuit (shorty / long) – $5

​​Mask – $5 ​

Fins – $5

​Dive Light – $10

​Private Guiding – $60

​Dive Computer – $10

​Full diving gear – $20

​2 Nitrox Tanks (32% or 36%) – $15

Two Tank Dive Trip
Two Tank Dive Trip
Morning & Afternoon Trips Available
Read more
Twilight & Night Dive Trip
Twilight & Night Dive Trip
See the Reef in a New Light
Read more
Night Dive Trip
Night Dive Trip
Watch the Reef come to Life
Read more


Come on an Adventure with us..


Snorkel Cozumel Natural Swimming Pool

Private Diving

Perfect Private Diving Trip

Couple Diving Private


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