Sea Turtle
Scuba Review
Been out of the water for a while?
Our Scuba Review will brush up on your skills and comfort in the water.
Cozumel Underwater Fauna
PADI Open Water
Jump into the world of diving
You will learn the fundamentals of diving, the skills to be a safe confident diver while having a barrel of fun.
PADI Advanced Open Water
Take the Next Step and Dive Deeper
Build your underwater skills and confidence with over the course of 5 training dives, 3 of which you can…
Eagle Ray
PADI Rescue Diver
Become the Perfect Buddy
During the course, one of the more demanding but certainly the most fun, you will learn how to confidently deal with any underwater and surface situations in a calm manner with your new first aid and rescue skills.
Bull Shark
Deep Diver
The Lure of the Deep!
The Deep Diver speciality will give you the confidence and necessary skills to be confident and comfortable diving deeper sites as well as a better understanding of how deep-diving affects the body, air consumption and buoyancy control.
Enriched Air Diver
Dive Longer with Shorter Surface Intervals
Our Enriched Air Diver speciality course includes the theoretical aspect of Nitrox diving as well as 2 dives to put your new knowledge into action.

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