New temporary rules

Rules to be applied at all time until further notice !

New temporary Rules and Logistic system

As we are facing a rough time regarding diving, and more widely for tourism, we need to implement
new rules to be able to operate and always provide you with the best service yet safe and healthy.

The Mexican authority allowed the tourism to come back to the Yucatan Peninsula.
As a direct result, touristic service providers can start running their activities again under restrictions.

The following signs describe what you can expect when coming diving with us in Cozumel, and more generally to every dive destination you should visit soon.

Along with those rules, you will need to have your own regulator mouth piece, or better yet, your own regulator.
By regulation, we are not sharing the mouth piece anymore, as recommended by the World Health Organisation, Diver Alerte Network – DAN Europe, and other local organisations.

Therefor you will be provided with a new mouth piece (to be charged) upon your first dive with us, unless you are bringing your own.

We are hoping that diving will resume quickly as it is one of the
best way to connect with nature, and we believe this is something we all need more than ever.

We are slowly going back diving, but the tourism as we know it, won’t be back before few month.
We are doing everything we can to make it through the crisis, and thank you for your support as few dive family member already supported us big time.
Others asking for a fund-raising in order to help us through.
This is why we set up a donative solution. Every bit is a huge bubble of fresh air,
and it shows us how you love our diving.

We’d like to thank you, and wish to see you soon, back diving, exploring the reefs !